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Consignment & Delivery Options

PCB Assembly:

Consignment & Delivery Options

One thing is for sure, we have learned through years of experience and feedback that we can make your life easier by offering a variety of material management choices. If you want a full turnkey solution, just provide the specifications and we will procure the materials, manufacture the assembly, test and deliver products on the agreed upon dates.

If you would rather provide all or some of the materials and have us do the assembly that is fine too. In fact, if you prefer, we will manage your inventory at our facility using our MRP system to make sure you know the quantities on hand so replenishment never becomes a problem.

Turnkey or Consignment Options:

Full Turnkey - You provide a purchase order with specifications and get finished products in return, at agreed-upon delivery dates.

Consignment - You provide the material needed, ship it to our facility and we complete the assembly and deliver completed products.

Stocking Consignment - You buy material and have us maintain your inventory at our facility. We manage it like our own, alerting you as to when material needs to be replenished.

Combination (Hybrid) - You provide some of the components, and we purchase the balance, and deliver completed products..

Delivery Options:

Dock to Stock - We purchase material or use your consigned material, build and test your product, package it according to your direction and send directly to your stocking location.

So whether turnkey or dock to stock we have the experience to handle your needs.


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