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PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCB) requires attention to detail from start to finish. We understand you have heavily invested in designing an innovative product, so we treat each project as a challenge to exceed your expectations as we work with you to make sure all your requirements are clearly understood, your timeframes are met, and the materials needed are on hand to deliver a quality product when you need it.

PCB Assembly PCB Assembly
We offer services to manufacture Surface Mount Technology (SMT), mixed technology, single or double-sided boards, Ball Grid Array (BGA) or Micro BGA, leaded or lead-free, and through hole boards. Whether prototypes or low to medium volume requirements, CEM is ready to make sure that your delivery process remains on time.

To ensure your success, each board is put through a comprehensive inspection process including Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and X-Ray verification for boards with BGA's. When required, assemblies can also be functional tested. The result is a high quality assembly that meets your specifications and will perform as the engineers intended and your customers expect.

Speak with our professionals and determine what is right for you: full turnkey, full or partial material consignment, or even dock to stock services.

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Formal NPI Process


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