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Rework & ECO

Rework & ECO

At CEM, we are well known for our ability to handle the simple to difficult rework of assemblies due to any number of issues such as faulty components or an Engineering Change Order (ECO) to fix a problem or upgrade a board.

It is difficult enough to deal with these types of issues; wouldn't you rather rely on our expertise to get you a quick rework solution at a price more effective than scrapping and rebuilding? In today's economy, any potential cost saving that can positively affect the bottom line needs to be considered.

One example of our rework included 5000 boards to which we installed a number of cuts and jumpers in order to repair a serious layout error discovered after the boards were completed at an off shore facility. This type of rework is tedious and demanding, yet within weeks we shipped back the functional assemblies, ready to install.

So whether you need through-hole or SMT rework, ECO implementation including cuts and jumpers, or BGA removal and replacement and/or reballing, CEM stands ready to help you.


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