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Formal NPI Process

PCB Assembly:

Formal New Product Introduction (NPI) Process

Our formal process for New Product Introduction guarantees prompt service and valuable feedback. We ensure that we have all the inputs and track each step as outlined below.

More importantly we will produce a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) report and hold a formal review with you to ensure manufacturability. By doing so, potential production problems may be addressed during the design stage. Additionally, recommendations for improving on the cost of the fabrication will be suggested when possible.

So before production even begins, CEM becomes a vested partner in your success and is prepared to move forward when you need production quantities.

Formal NPI Process

Customer Data
  • Customer
  • Part Number
  • Date In
  • Quantity
  • Target Run Date
  • Target Ship Date
  • Estimated Clear Date

Required Inputs
  • Customer BOM
  • Gerber Data
  • X-Y Files
  • Assembly Drawings

Pre-Run NRE
  • Panelization Data
  • Process Instructions
  • Pre-run Review
  • SMT BOM Format
  • Product Status Record
  • Feedback Sheet
  • Bottom Stencil
  • Bottom Machine Program
  • Glue Program
  • Top Stencil
  • Top Machine Program
  • Special Tooling

  • Bottom Reflow Profile
  • Top Reflow Profile
  • Wave Profile
  • Tooling Approval
  • DFM Report


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  • PCB Assembly
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  • RF Assembly & Testing
  • Rework & ECO

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